Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pacquiao Bested Clottey: Keeps Welterweight Title

It wasn't much of an event. Despite the gargantuan hype, the WBO welterweight title match between reigning champ Manny Pacquiao and Ghana's Joshua Clottey was more an exercise in drudgery than anything else. Clottey, the challenger, with a 10-pound advantage and an all-too-haughty demeanor failed to impress and committed quite a number of boxing faux pas. Some commentators even thought the sparring practices from the weeks of preparation for both camps held more action than this weekend's main bout.

Pacquiao brought his usual high-adrenaline game as was expected of the record holding, multi-titled fighter -- the footwork was there, as well as the speed and the menacing blows both to the body and to the head. In fairness to Clottey he took a tough enough stance. However the so-called "Hitter" simply allowed himself to be an overgrown punching bag through all 12 rounds, throwing glancing blows to Pacquiao as a mere afterthought it seemed.

The Philippines' favorite son took home the title once again, this time on an overwhelmingly unanimous decision. A win is a win and kudos to the Pac-man. Nevertheless, this is hardly the way a well-favored fighter should exit the ring. Even as talks of Pacquiao's retirement is nearing fruition, more sooner than later, there is a prevalence of expectation for Manny Pacquiao to go out with a big convincing win. This is something that "The Event" failed to deliver.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Winners All

This week is all about winners.

Sandra Bullock, Mo'Nique and Kathryn Bigelow win big in the Oscars. Jeff Bridges also had a grand slam bagging both the Academy and Golden Globes for his role in "Crazy Heart". "The Hurt Locker" edges "Avatar" winning 6 out of 9 nominations including the Best Picture Oscar.

Meanwhile, Chile, still reeling from the effects of the previous weeks' magnitude 8.8 super earthquake, has a new President in Sebastian Pinera. On his inauguration day a 6.9 magnitude aftershock still rocked the country. The call for international aid intensifies from all fronts to address the destruction in both Haiti and Chile.

On another note, Forbes' list of World's Billionaires for 2009 featured Mexico's Telecom magnate Carlos Slim on top besting long-time front-runners Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. 63% of the world's richest are based in Asia. The list also revealed that last year, China had the most billionaires outside of the USA beating India.

The Philippines is also on the list with the Sy Family and Tan Family taking spots 234 and 522 respectively. The mall mogul Henry Sy has a net worth of US$2.7 billion while Lucio Tan is pegged at US$1.4 billion.

Another winner is Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys since the new Cowboys Stadium will be hosting this weekend's biggest event - the Pacquiao vs. Clottey WBO welterweight championship match. This will be the first major boxing event for the billion-dollar state-of-the-art stadium with no less than the biggest name in boxing gracing the home of the biggest name in football.

But then who will be the winner; the champion or the challenger? Follow Daily Dotventures this weekend for the outcome of the Pacquiao-Clottey Event.

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