Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Blog Day!

Blog Day 2007
August 31 is Blog Day 2007 according to the good folks at So Happy Blog Day to all!
And here's my Blog-Day-Five:
Slice-of-life - interesting posts on stuff you may never have known existed.
A little piece of me - a personal blog from an endearing "struggler".
Gaje Master Blogging - this blogger knows her blogging stuff!
RockStories - a rocker, a writer and a blogger.
Anne-thology - best performance in a dramatic blog - a very sincere writer
3l08 on people!

How To Disable Mail-To-Blogger

Thanks to Jaya for the question.

Bloggers' Mail-to-Blogger feature allows users to email a post to his/her blog without the need to login to your Blogger account. Its useful when you encounter an interesting or important email that you want to share on your blog. Just compose your post on your email client and it will show up on your blog.

As of late, this feature has become a backdoor for email trojans to post spam messages on hijacked Blogger accounts or blogs directly setup to ensnare tens of millions of bloggers and blog enthusiasts worldwide.

What happens for example - if you receive a virus-laden email, it would most likely access your email clients' address book and send itself to every email address that's there. So if you're Mail-To-Blogger address exists on your address book, its quite probable that it would send its spam email to your Blogger account and post itself as a blog post. It is thus advisable to turn off this feature or otherwise, secure the email address used to access the feature.

Steps to Disable Mail-To-Blogger
1. Login to your account and head over to Dashboard > Settings > Email.
2. At Mail-To-Blogger Address, uncheck Publish . This will hold the emailed post on cue. If it turns out to be a spam post you can easily delete it.
3. To disable the feature completely, remove any "secret word" you may have supplied on the text box for the address.

For more info check out:
Blogger Help: How Do I Post Via Email

(Note: I am actually writing this post using the Mail-To-Blogger feature. I am now on my Yahoo account and will be sending this via the MTB email address I've set with Publish enabled. Just to demonstrate how unsecure the feature is. So if you read this then for sure, any malware gaining access to the MTB email address can post on my blog. After this post, I am turning the feature off. As should you.)

Flag the Splogs! Flog the Sploggers!

I am referencing this blog post from "The Real Blogger Status" which is very timely especially for Blogger accounts and the emerging Storm Worm issue.

I've always advocated flagging of spam blogs. Not that its a sure way to push Google/Blogger to take down the offending blog. In fact, some Blogger users complain that Blogger seldom, if at all, act on flags and reports.

Still, I believe that with enough flags, Blogger would take notice and act accordingly. Otherwise, they may as well just run a splog farm themselves while real bloggers migrate to a better blogging platform that cares. So I say, when you encounter a spam blog go ahead and flag it!

How do you know its a spam blog?
Most spam blogs resemble spam email. The title and text body is just gibberish. Many times the text is empty or contains wide spaces that lead to, are sandwiched, or that trails from unintelligible text. These spaces actually contain scripts which can automatically trigger a popup, a redirect or a download. Worst, it can be a harvesting script that can recover sensitive data already on the browser and even your entire PC.

The FLAG BLOG button is on the Blogger Navbar (located on top of Blogger blog sites). When you find a splog, just click the button ONCE. Then alert your blogging circle to do the same. The more flags the better the chances Blogger would actually do something about it. When you can't find a Navbar follow the directions on the link of the Full Post below.

1. When blog surfing, use Firefox and enable the built-in popup blocker. Otherwise, install a reputable popup blocker.
2. Ensure your system has adequate security - anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and formidable firewall are essential.

As for flogging the sploggers, maybe that's a bit medieval. But with the way splogs are taking over the blogosphere it may not be long before we do get thrown back to the dark ages.

Read the Full Post:
The Real Blogger Status: Get To The Root Of The Problem - Blame The Spammers

Also check out the following:
Storm Worm Hits Blogger
Warnings Active

Thursday, August 30, 2007 Targeted by Trojan Spam

This report got my attention, being a user. Its such a pity since Blogger is quite an excellent blogging platform. Unfortunately the feature-filled and user-friendly facilities of Blogger has become the workshop, or perhaps even a playground, for malicious hackers out to leverage the rich information resources provided by the exponential growth of the global blogging community.

It is said that the main point of delivery for these trojan splogs exists with Bloggers' Mail-to-Blogger feature allowing users to e-mail their posts without having the need to log into the Blogger Dashboard.

Therefore, it would be advisable for users to disable this feature in their respective accounts. Otherwise remove the supplied email address from the address books of email clients (e.g. Outlook Express) so that trojan infected PCs will not inadvertently send a virus-laden spam message and post it onto your Blogger account.

As "webizens", it is our responsibilty to protect the integrity of our respective blogs and the blogosphere as a whole. Some measures we can take to safeguard the blogging experience include:

1. Reporting/Flagging errant blogs.
2. Ensure that links and scripts pasted on your blog come from reputable sites and organizations.
3. Regularly inform your audience to take security measures when going online.

Share your experience and tips on safe blogging. What other ways can we contribute to a safer cyberspace?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gmail Releases Collaborative Video

Some time ago Google's Gmail service invited users to participate in a collaborative video project with the theme "how an email message travels around the world". The rule was to print out the Gmail M-velope and shoot a 10-second sketch with the Gmail-logo-bearing-prop entering the frame from the left and exiting to the right.

After 1,181 YouTube clips from 65 countries, the folks at Gmail finally released the "Gmail: A Behind The Scenes Video".

I so wanted to send a clip myself. My idea was to pay homage to Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather". After all, with all the spamming and phishing and whatnots going on in and about cyberspace, a mafioso figure checking out emails is not so far fetched.

Picture this (in a single tracking shot, no cuts):
Henchman in black suit enters screen left, opens a wooden door, approaches a balding figure behind a finely varnished desk with the back of his plush armchair toward the camera. Henchman moves closer to the "Don" and whispers into his ear, the Don still not visible to the camera. The henchman moves slightly off-cam as the armchair swings around revealing a Brando look-alike staring quizically at the standing henchman. Henchman presents M-velope. The Don smiles a be-moustached grin and nods approvingly as he passes on the M-velope to screen right onto another henchman. Don mouths off "bene, bene" as he waves a traditional goodbye (palm facing himself), as cam dolly's back out of the room, wooden door closes. Fade to black.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any convincing enough Marlon-Brando-wannabe in my cast. Besides, I doubt whether the Gmail fellas will risk copyright issues when using Nino Rota's "Speak Softly Love" soundtrack theme. Anyway, here is the final "Gmail: A Behind The Scenes Video". Enjoy!

Actor Owen Wilson Survives Suicide Attempt

One of Hollywood's popular actors Owen Wilson was reportedly hospitalized over the weekend in an alleged suicide attempt. Various reports indicate the 38-year old star of "Wedding Crashers", "Cars" and "Behind Enemy Lines", may have overdosed on pills and slashed his wrists.

Speculations arose as to what may have triggered the act, ranging from being upset over a fight with a "close friend", to a jealous fit regarding erstwhile girlfriend Kate Hudson. At this point, family and representatives of Owen Wilson downplayed any reference to the cause of Wilson's suicide try.

Latest reports say that Owen Wilson is in "good condition" and is recovering at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Wilson, through his publicist, requested for privacy during "this difficult time".

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bloggers Unite! - Blog Against Abuse on 9-27

On September 27, 2007, the blogging community at is spearheading an initiative as part of its ongoing blogging challenge. Its called "Blog Against Abuse".

For the entire 24 hours of that Thursday, 9-27-07, bloggers worldwide are encouraged to blog about an important cause relating to an abuse issue. Its up to the blog author to determine which issue he or she would like to write about.

The goal of the originator is to rally the largest number of bloggers who will post about important issues for one day. While the exercise is certainly not unique, it has already merited the commitment of a few hundred BlogCatalog members.

Organizing a blog-about-something day has been done perhaps since the early days of blogging. Doing a specific search for the term "Blog Day" will yield over a million webpages off Google. There's a "Blogosphere Day" on July 19, another "Blog Day" on August 31, and a "Blog Action Day" on October 15.

Whether or not "Blog Against Abuse" Day becomes a continuing tradition is yet to be seen. Some comments on the related thread at Blog Catalog already shows some sentiments of taking the initiative as a joke or otherwise something that is to be taken lightly. Others have questioned whether the exercise would actually yield any discernible change. Still a few are willing to participate with the simple thought "what's in it for me?"

For me personally, it would be interesting to know what would be the relevant issues common among bloggers come September 27. Would it be domestic violence, child trafficking, unfair labor practices, drugs, environment? Or do blogists even care about any cause at all?

Mark it on your calendars, September 27, Blog Against Abuse Day.
Read about abuse, Blog about abuse, Stop all the abuse.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Settings for Blogger Comments

As discussed in my "Writer's Blog Series" comments are integral to the performance of a blog. The downside of the equation however is the propensity for this facility to be abused i.e. spam comments. This is one of those instances that prove there is no such thing as a "free lunch".

Its a toss-up between 'allowing good comments' and 'easy administration' of a blog. If you allow fully functional comments, chances are you'd have to contend with a few spam comments now and again. If you opt to limit comments in favor of administration in cruise mode, most likely your audience would be dissuaded to post their inputs at your blog site.

The decision would boil down to the primary purpose of your blog. Ask yourself, "how much audience do I want browsing or subscribing to my blog? How much interactivity do I desire with my guests." If your blog is more of an internal channel for expression, then you probably wouldn't mind a trickle of traffic. If however, you blog for a cause or for some profit, you want your comments at full throttle to attract an active following.

Generally, a good rule-of-thumb for comments settings would be to allow us much audience to view and post comments, while employing comments moderation to limit which comments actually get posted.

For other blogging platforms, refer to your sites' documentation on how to achieve this balance. For Blogger ( sites, Comments Settings allow you to ramp up your guest's access to the comment facility. There are three important settings that must be enabled as follows:
  • At your Blogger Dasboard, click on Settings > Comments.

  • At Who Can Comment?, select "Anyone". This would allow everybody to post comments, including other web surfers without Blogger accounts.

  • At Enable Comment Moderation, select "Yes". A box will appear for you to optionally fill out an email address for receiving notifications of new comments.

  • At Show word verification for comments, select "Yes". This would implement a captcha-like test that requires comment posters to enter a random set of letters shown in a graphics format. Automated scripts and text-based browsers used by some spammers naturally cannot see the letters thus reducing submission of spam comments.

The above settings have thus been enabled here on Dotventures. Everyone is welcome to be part of the discussions. We hope that users will benefit from this short guide.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Naked Protesters Exposes Global Warming

Six hundred volunteers bared all last August 18 in a protest-slash-art-installation in the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland to raise the alarm on global warming. The controversial staging was a Greenpeace collaboration with American photographer Spencer Tunick who has a knack for drawing hundreds of volunteers to pose nude for his works.

According to the Greenpeace website, the shrinking of the Alpine glaciers is accelerating as a direct result of uncurbed global warming. They estimate that the icy land masses will completely dissapear by the year 2080. It furthermore states that the rate of global warming may become irreversible 8 years from now.

Greenpeace is actively advocating for alternative sources of energy in order to reverse the catastrophic effects of global warming. Visit for more details and how to participate in their "Seven Steps Campaign".

This link may contain sensitive content. DO NOT CLICK if you object to nudity.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Birthday CD!

That's right - the "compact disc" or CD celebrates 25 years - a silver anniversary for that silvery disk the world has come to love and burn.

Philips (PHG) and Sony (SNE) were jointly credited for ushering in the age of digital optical storage on that now too-familiar plastic polycarbonate disk. The first ever CDs came out of a German Philips factory August 17, 1982 carrying the latest recording of ABBA's "The Visitor". It took a while for the format to become widely accepted due largely to the sentimental value of them old vinyl forty-fives and LPs (long playing albums) collected over the years by our elderkind.

By the time the 90's generation caught on, boosted by the computer industry's adoption of the CD format, CD use had spread like wildfire worldwide. Not only that - the CD had diversified to store not only music recordings but also, videos, photos and even text and software files.

For the past quarter century, an estimated 200 billion CDs have been sold, pressed, listened to, viewed, burned, labeled as well as scratched, dropped, chipped or otherwise obliterated in one way or another. It has spawned recent variants with DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. It has served the music and film industry, as well as the IT industry and just about every other business and household which have come across the need or want for digital storage. That there is a well-rounded performance by a circle in a square case.

By human age, the CD is now a young adult. However with the blinding-fast turnover of technology we may just be seeing the CDs farewell in the coming decades (maybe even sooner) as new devices and formats have come to challenge its dominance in the realm of digital entertainment and storage. Already, digital downloads and contraptions like the iPod and MP3/MP4 players have captured a major chunk of the music and video industry such that the CD may just become a relic as what it did to the vinyl albums and VHS movies of yesteryears.

So we bid this lowly spinning platter a salute for 25 years well served. 'Til you're next incarnation or demise, enjoy the remainder of your reign while it lasts.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Choose "Your Own Emmys!"

In celebration of the 2007 Emmys this coming September, Dotventures invites everyone to make your vote count. Pick among the nominees from the key categories of the Emmys. Who among them are deserving to take home the award? Chances are your votes here would not match with the real Emmys but hey, its just for fun! Scroll down to the lower-right sidebar to post your votes.

Were your favorite shows or actors not nominated? Leave a comment on this post and explain why they should be the winners. After 15 days, that would be on September 1, we will hold a special poll for the non-nominated favorites among the comments. Who will be the winning non-nominees? You will make that choice.

Vote now!

One Month Countdown to the 2007 Primetime Emmys

Televisions' biggest night is just around the corner. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will be rolling out the red carpet once more next month as the stars come out for the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Primetime TV favorites will be pitted against each other for the honor of being distinguished for excellence in their respective categories. The nominees were announced early morning of July 19 amidst wows and woes from TV aficionados and critics. As in past years, many commentators felt that exceptional television programs were again overlooked by the Academy.

The following is a short listing of key categories of the Emmys and the respective nominees. I've indicated my first and second picks. For those who care to voice out their own choices, do participate at The Dotventures Polls (sidebar below) and cast your votes for "Your Own Emmys".

Ahem...and the nominees are...

"Boston Legal"
"Grey's Anatomy"
"House" (1st pick)
"The Sopranos" (2nd pick)

"The Office" (1st pick)
"30 Rock" (2nd pick)
"Ugly Betty"
"Two and a Half Men"

Denis Leary, "Rescue Me"
Hugh Laurie, "House" (1st pick)
James Spader, "Boston Legal"
Kiefer Sutherland, "24" (2nd pick)
James Gandolfini, "The Sopranos"

Kyra Sedgwick, "The Closer" (1st pick)
Sally Field, "Brothers and Sisters"
Mariska Hargitay, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (2nd pick)
Edie Falco, "The Sopranos"
Minnie Driver, "The Riches"
Patricia Arquette, "Medium"

America Ferrera, "Ugly Betty" (2nd pick)
Tina Fey, "30 Rock" (1st pick)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "The New Adventures of Old Christine"
Felicity Huffman, "Desperate Housewives"
Mary Louise Parker, "Weeds"

Tony Shalhoub, "Monk" (1st pick)
Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock" (2nd pick)
Ricky Gervais, "Extras"
Steve Carell, "The Office"
Charlie Sheen, "Two and a Half Men"

For a complete list of 2007 Emmy nominations visit the TV Academy website at

Mark your calendars - the 2007 Primetime Emmys will be held on September 16, Sunday, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

These Batteries Should Not Have Been Included - Nokia's Advisory on Risky Batteries

Nokia, the Finland-based global cellphone leader, came out with a Product Advisory concerning risks of certain batteries overheating when charged. It even goes to say that the battery might get dislodged from a short-circuit fault, which presumably can potentially hit and hurt someone in the process. So far, no such damaging occurence has been reported.

Said advisory singled out the BL-5C Nokia Battery manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan that were made between December 2005 to November 2006. The Nokia website runs a product identification feature where affected customers can enter their battery's identification number to verify whether the battery in question falls within the scope of the advisory. A list of cellphones compatible to the BL-5C are also indicated on the website.

The advisory states that only 100 incidents of overheating while charging have been confirmed with the BL-5C line of batteries. The battery products from other manufacturers seem not affected. Although the occurence have been comparatively rare, Nokia offers free replacements for the 46 million units of the Matsushita BL-5C type battery in question.

Nokia is the largest cellphone company in the world, taking close to 37% of global mobile phone sales according to latest available statistics. During the 2nd quarter of 2007 alone, Nokia shipped over 100 million cellphone units worldwide.

The global demand for small-but-powerful gadgets is pushing technology experts to the limits of powering such micro technologies. Other high-technology companies like laptop manufacturers have recalled products in recent years due to faulty or otherwise risky power sources.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Healthy Alternative for Bloggers

Two reports (see "Pot Belly..." and "Even Light Exercise...") made me bow my head and seriously think today. Particularly, the first one entitled "Pot Belly Linked to Heart Disease" was even cited as the most emailed article for at the BBC News site.

I admit, I do have a pot belly and therefore the article made my heart beat a tad faster than usual. Basically, the study states that while being overweight is a definitive factor to developing a heart disease, the concentration of that weight in the abdominal area poses increased risk for atherosclerosis - the narrowing and hardening of the arteries.

Ardent bloggers have a tendency to lead sedentary lifestyles due to the fact that they spend considerable time sitting down, uploading their various blogcasts in front of the computer. Couple that with a viscious amount of coffee and chips throughout the day and there then is a picture of a future medical bill that by itself can cause a heart attack.

Don't be deceived by video bloggers who look healthy from the chest up. Notice they won't show their waistline on webcam because in most certain terms there are probably love handles brimming down there.

Kidding aside, there is hope for bloggers to remain healthy come Web 3.0 and beyond. The second report encouraged light exercise (i.e. brisk walking) for 30 minutes 3 times a week. That is apparently enough to achieve certain health benefits. Although the minimum exercise regimen to achieve truly significant gains is 30 minutes for 5 times weekly, the 3 times a week program should push borderline couch potatoes off to performing some level of healthy activity.

So when you're stuck in a writing rut or presented with the option of blogging about a pop star in rehab, take your 30 minutes and just walk it off. The world won't miss it and you'll probably be a healthier blogger to boot!

The Other Toy Story - Death Shadows Massive Recall of China-Made Toys

The reported suicide of a toy factory owner in China happened just a few days before Mattel was set to announce a second round of recalls for its Fisher-Price line of pre-school toys this month. Already 1.5 million toys, syndicating Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer, and Sesame Street's Big Bird and Elmo characters, were pulled off store shelves early August after fears that the products' paint coating contained too much lead.

California toy giant Mattel is expected to suffer an estimated $30 million in losses over the 1st round of recalls. The second round figures have not been announced as of writing nonetheless millions of dollars are believed to be at stake as well.

It is regarded that children exposed to dangerous levels of lead suffer behavioral, learning and health problems. For pre-schoolers, who have a penchant for putting things in their mouths, lead poisoning from contaminated toys could be imminent. Knowing this, Mattel's actions can easily be appreciated.

China-made products have recently come under fire for questionable components that pose life and health risks to consumers. Despite that, a significant number of American and other G8-country companies operate or otherwise offshore their productions in China because of the low labor costs. In a recent study minimum wage in some provinces in China go as low as $40-50 per month. It's appalling to say the least.

The upcoming holidays will reveal whether products made in China will overcome these recent string of quality and risk issues. Toys are supposed to be sources of fun and enjoyment. Behind the making of toys however, the story is not as heartening.

Monday, August 13, 2007

All Roads Lead to "Rush Hour 3"

Martial arts icon Jackie Chan and comic loudmouth Chris Tucker team up for the third offering of the Rush Hour movie franchise. Coincidentally, "Rush Hour 3" is set in Paris as was my earlier movie blog on "2 Days in Paris". What's up with the French nowadays I wonder?

Expect a lot of action and double the dose of side-splitting laughs as the crimebusting odd couple of LAPD Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) and Chinese Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) take on the Triad crime ring at the French capital.

Director Brett Ratner once again takes the helm as did he in the first two Rush Hour installments back in 2001 and 1998. It seems Ratner is heavily favored for pushing the limits of last-in-a-series movies of popular trilogies - case in point, his previous project in "X-men 3: The Last Stand".

Reports say that "Rush Hour 3" opened at the box-office displacing Matt Damon's "Bourne Ultimatum" at the top spot. However, do not go looking for award material here. Its an all-too-familiar formula of frenzy fist-fights, funnies and friendship. Just enjoy it with your favorite popcorn with cola fix.

Making Sense of Adsense for Blogs

One of the advantages I mentioned in "Writer's Blog: A Newbies Primer on Blogging" is the opportunity to earn money through your blog site. Most likely this is the reason that best resonates for many, motivating them to start and maintain a blogging account.

Over the years, the proven way to generate income for blogs is through legitimate implementation of advertising or sponsorship programs. One such advertising program is Google Adsense.

Adsense became Google's main advertising program after its purchase of a then up and coming search engine company known as Applied Semantics in 2003. Since then, it has become the ad server system of choice for many who wish to monetize their respective sites, blog sites included.

If you were to run your own industry standard online advertising program, you will have to figure out which of your website pages would most likely be read by the appropriate audience targeted by your advertisers. You would then have to encode the ad in full layout on the webpage.

In addition, you will have to monitor your ad impressions - defined as a measure of the the visibility of the ads as determined by its size and placement on the page as well as the number of times the webpage has been accessed. Take note that ad impressions is not the same as page impressions or page hits.

You will also have to take into account your click-throughs which essentially is what will make money for you. Your CTR or Click-Through Rate is the percentage of clicks made by your visitors on the ads on your site for each one hundred ad impressions.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to deal with in online advertising than this article would allow. Unless you really want to be an e-marketing professional knowing all these complex terminologies, as an alternative you can just simply link up with a number of establishments and introduce a monthly or annual site sponsorship program in exchange for ad spots and being featured on your blog.

Nevertheless, Google Adsense simplifies the ad process with a packaged system for website owners. Whether with a full-fledged commercial website or a personal blog, Adsense participants are referred to collectively as web publishers or simply "Publishers". It's free to join the Adsense program.

Incidentally, if you have a Google account via Gmail, Blogger or its other services, you can easily tie up your Adsense account with your existing Google account for easy single-sign-on access.

Adsense will provide you with a backend site accessible at Here you can setup which Adsense ad units you can place in your blog. There are numerous layouts to choose from, the techniques to determining which we will reserve for another time. You can select among three existing programs namely, Adsense for Content, Adsense for Search, and recently their Referrals program.

This is the first part of a series. Part 2 of "Making Sense of Adsense for Blogs" will follow shortly.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gerry Peñalosa, Other Filipino Boxers win 5-1 vs. Mexicans in Boxing World Cup

Five of the six Filipino pugilists who entered the ring at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California won their respective fights to come out victorious in their campaign for the 2nd Boxing World Cup. The Philippine Boxing Team defeated their Mexican counterparts leading to the capture of two coveted world titles.

Z "The Dream" Gorres took the IBF Junior Bantamweight Intercontinental Title via an eighth round TKO over Mexico's Eric Ortiz. This is the 27th win (15th by knockout) by the 25 year old southpaw from Cebu, Philippines.

In another celebrated victory, former WBC Super Flyweight Champion Gerardo Penalosa (a.k.a. Gerry "Fearless" Peñalosa) stripped the WBO Bantamweight Title belt off defending champion Jhonny Gonzalez. Peñalosa, the 35 year old boxing veteran, let all hell break lose in the seventh round with a furious left-hand body blow that painfully drew the wind from Gonzalez who was unable to recover within the mandatory 10 counts. The jubilant Gerry Penalosa, said to be hinting at retirement, is sure to nix such options now that he is at top of his game in the bantamweight class.

Formerly undefeated 20 year old Filipino prodigy Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista fell to the hands of reigning WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Daniel Ponce De Leon during the main event of the 2007 Boxing World Cup. De Leon entered the boxing ring all fired up obviously eager to avenge his five fallen comrades. Boom Boom Bautista on the other hand seemed off being in the defensive. Minutes into the first round, a right to the face knocked down Bautista once, and then after barely overcoming the 10 counts, Bautista never again had breathing room from De Leon's follow up punches forcing the young boxer down a second time to the canvass. Referee Jon Schorle quickly intervened and called an end to the fight to the favor of the defending champion.

Despite Bautista's defeat, the Philippines still emerged triumphant over Mexico with additional wins from A.J. Banal's third round knock down off Jorge Cardenas, Michael Domingo's win over Miguel "Mickey Mouse" Roman, and Diosdado Gabi's unanimous decision victory against Jose Angel Beranza.

The August 11, 2007 Boxing World Cup was the second staging of this event by Oscar Dela Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions. The top-prize which includes a $500,000 pot is scheduled to be awarded by Dela Hoya himself in ceremonies in the Philippines.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Julie Delpy Returns for "2 Days in Paris"

She's all the buzz again these days, this French-American film artiste.

Julie Delpy, the star of the critically acclaimed 1995 indie film "Before Sunrise" and its 2004 sequel "Before Sunset" re-appears to the delight of fans sans her pet co-star Ethan Hawke for her latest production "2 Days in Paris".

Julie Delpy pulls a one-woman auteurship for "2 Days in Paris" as writer / director / editor / co-producer, and co-star alongside Adam Goldberg (appeared in "Saving Private Ryan" and "A Beautiful Mind"). The culture-clash comedy already won a Coup de Coeur Award at the Mons International Festival of Love Films in Belgium.

Ms. Delpy was captivating in "Before Sunrise" and daring in "An American Werewolf in Paris". Unfortunate though that her memorable performances seems to be typecasted to her "Before Sunrise" character.

Her talent for filmmaking has grown through the years and this particular project is bound to move her career forward towards more notable movie projects both on-screen and behind-the-scenes.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Philippine Rebels and Soldiers Clash

Ever since I can remember, the Philippine Government has been battling Muslim insurgents in the southern islands of Mindanao. This, despite the formation of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) in August of 1989. However, to say that this is just an armed rebellion is an oversimplification. Then again, nothing is ever simple in warfare is there?

Local reports quote the Philippine Army as pointing the blame to the Abu Sayaff, a tagged terrorist group with alleged links to the Al Qaeda hiding about the Sulu province. However, according to a BBC report, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) have claimed responsibility for the attack. To make the short story long, the MNLF blames the Philippine Armed Forces as the instigator and that they were just retaliating for the Army's earlier attacks at an MNLF camp.

Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows.

In the meantime, while the big boys play whodunit, innocent people - even children - are killed at the crossfire.

The centuries-old scars of Mindanao have been itched and bared open time again by both sides - old and contemporary Moros fighting for an independent Muslim state, and the Philippine government quelling a socio-political discord. It is high time for healing and hopefully a lasting peace for these blood-drenched southern lands of the Philippines.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

One World, One Dream - One Year to go for the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Next year's Olympic Games in Beijing should be quite a spectacle. It would only be the third time that the Summer Games will be held in an Asian country. The first was in Tokyo in 1964, then Seoul in 1988. What will the 29th Olympiad be like 365 days from now when it will be hosted by the country with the highest population in the world at 1.3 billion Chinese people? This promises to be the grandest Olympics yet!

There will be lots of firsts in Beijing come August 2008.

It will be the first time the Games will be held in China; in contrast London, Paris, Los Angeles and Athens have hosted it twice.

Nine new events will be contested including Men's and Women's BMX under cycling.

It would be the first time the Games will be streamed live for free on the Internet for an estimated 2,200 hours over Credit that to the growing adoption of broadband Internet worldwide.

The countries of Montenegro (formerly competed alongside Serbia), Tuvalu and Marshall Islands will compete for the first time.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling first for the 2008 Olympics is the inclusion of Mount Qomolangma as part of the Olympic Torch Relay route. Mount Qommolangwhat? That's Mount Everest for the Chinese. Imagine the Olympic Torch burning at 8,440 meters on top of the world!

Following Chinese tradition for good fortune, with 8 being a lucky number, the 29th Olympiad will commence on August 8, 2008 (08.08.08). I will definitely keep tab of the developments on the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I can't wait for the fireworks!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Writer's Blog: A Newbie's Primer on Blogging (Part 3)

Blogging Advantages

Despite the disadvantages on being one with the global bloggers' pool, millions of netizens worldwide are doing it. The following are just some of the reasons people may have for becoming and remaining as a blogger.

Express yourself. Whether we admit to it or not, human beings have an inherent need to communicate. We will not last a day without expressing what is inside us - whether through voice, writing, or by simple body language. Blogging provides an effective alternative outlet to share what we know, what interests us, indeed even our very souls to the rest of the world. Do you have a cause? A blog can be your advocacy platform. Are you an artist? Your weblog is your own public gallery. Building a career? Document your career milestones through your blog and impress your next employer. Your blog is your own channel, your own time-slot on the World Wide Web. Go ahead and shine!

Widen your network. By blogging on your interests and concerns, you are bound to connect with others who share the same interests and concerns. Many have met project collaborators, business partners, friends and even people who end up becoming more than friends (wink, wink) through their respective blog networks. Do link-up with other blogs. Be generous with your comments to other's posts. Create posts about the cares of your circle and soon enough your audience and blog network will grow. Build you blog and they will come!

Earn additional revenue. You can monetize your blog in several ways but the most common is by providing advertising spots on your blog site. Some blog networks, for instance Blogger (ahem!) have integrated advertising programs, in this case Google AdSense, for those using their blog infrastructure. Without going into hard sell mode, it is advisable for beginning bloggers to seek ways to generate revenue with your blog site. After all, you will spend several hours to do your write-ups, not to mention the cost of the Internet connection you would use up when updating your blog. Many blogs die off simply because their would-be bloggers failed to maintain the unforeseen costs of running a blog. So, be creative in raising funds for your blog. For example, you can ask your local shops to donate some amount to your blog in exchange for featuring their latest product line. You figure out the ways, and then do the math. Later on, you would see that it actually pays to blog.

Develop your talents. Borrowing once more from the words of that old English bard - "All the world's a stage". A blog is a perfect way to showoff your talents to the rest of the cyber world. You can be sure that others will comment on your work and that will serve as feedback for you and basis for further improvement. Nowadays, with the multimedia facilities built-in with most blogging software you can broadcast yourself and your wares on the Internet whether as a writer, photographer, musician, designer, filmmaker or whatever else it is that you do.

Contribute to the online community. The blogging phenomenon has also contributed largely to the rise of "citizen journalism". The Web has become a new media "by-the-people" with each blog as the citizen-reporter's own online column. Most blogs do not attempt to provide objective reportage, while many that try to do so end up being perceived as completely amateurish and snubbed by mainstream mass media. At any rate, exceptional blogs have become sources for some primetime news reports and a few themselves have become seeds for further inquiry by investigative journalists. In the same manner, some news blogs provide secondary coverage for events and issues that otherwise would not see the light of day through major news channels. Your best-effort participation as a blogger can provide invaluable knowledge and insight for the rest of the community.

There is so much to say regarding the whys and wherefores of blogging than this particular blog entry can cover. In future posts the author will endeavor to delve into other aspects of blogging.

For now, we can wrap up this series and I hope that this piece will indeed serve as a simple primer to guide those looking into joining the great blogging bandwagon or perhaps provide a slight nudge for those seeking validation to what they have already begun as blog authors and enthusiasts.

Blog on!

Writer's Blog: A Newbie's Primer on Blogging (Part 2)

To Blog or Not To Blog

The popularity of the blog is undeniable. As of April 2007, Technorati's David Sifry through the State of the Blogosphere report estimates over 70 million blogs in existence today. As you are reading this, at least one new blog site is being created per second and more than one thousand blog entries are being posted every minute.

If you are already part of the 70 million, good for you - for as long as you do not operate a "splog" (i.e. spam blog; if you do, shame on you!). For those who have not taken the blog plunge, perhaps you are asking yourself, "Why should I?" Indeed this is a valid question now more than ever before.

Blogging benefits and disadvantages vary from blogger to blogger due to the highly personal nature of the medium. The following is essentially non-exhaustive but serves as a starting point for checking one's motives for becoming a blog author.

Let us start with the drawbacks.

Blogging Disadvantages

Everybody is a critic. If you are a very sensitive individual, you probably should just keep your writings to yourself. As they say, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." The Internet is one hell of a hot kitchen with critics and bigots and flamers of all sorts and sizes, each claiming authority and monopoly for the right kind of knowledge or viewpoint. Indeed, the Internet is a bastion of freedom but there are people who cannot stand the fact that others are also free to think, act and say things differently. In all likelihood, they will take you on a veritable war of words. On the other hand, if you can manage to be tolerant of opposing views then there is room for you to share on this otherwise limitless web-publishing frontier, despite the critics.

Spam comments. Comments on blog postings are at the cornerstone of the medium's popularity. Blogs ought to be interactive. You are sharing your thoughts to the world; might as well have a share of what the world thinks of you. While interactivity should otherwise be an advantage, with the proliferation of unsolicited commercial laden comments on blogs it has somewhat turned into a disadvantage for blog operators. Hence, it has become best-practice policy to moderate comments to filter out spams. (Incidentally, comment moderation can also inhibit flaming posts but watch out. This act treads closely to censorship, which is also a looming issue on the Internet nowadays.)

Spam Blogs. In contrast to spam comments, "splogs" are entire blog sites of keyword gibberish designed to veer search engine attention to their keyword-laden sites instead of indexing your legitimate blog. A Wired article cited that in May 2006 some 56% of active English-language blogs are actually splogs. Now, either that can tick you off as undue competition or you can make it a benevolent mission to contribute valid blogs to the blogosphere, before it goes the way of the dodo because of spam.

High Maintenance. Writing a blog is definitely time-consuming. Most blogs lay idle for weeks or even months at a time, while others simply are forgotten altogether. A truly informative article might take at least a day or two to complete, while a simple trip to the countryside story will take up a minimum of thirty minutes to blurt out. Blogging requires commitment. Your audience expects you to respond to comments and provide regular updates on your blog. You have to commit to rid spam comments from moderation so it will not ever be published. In addition, just like getting into a weight-loss program, you have to make a commitment to a blogging regimen to keep your grey-matter juices flowing. If you can post an entry on a daily basis, well and good. Others can maintain 2 to 3 posts a day, while others post 2 to 3 write-ups on a weekly basis. Remember that while your blog site may be free of charge it consumes disk space and bandwidth, and like other idle assets it becomes more of a liability overall. So make the most of your free blog site and post as often as you can.

Private Information and Security Matters. Personal information is always at risk when you go online. Be aware that whatever you share on your blog is made available to every webizen from Abkhazia to Zimbabwe. Many people use their blogs as virtual bartenders, spilling out all kinds of ranting, backbiting and foul mouthing on anything and anyone. Unfortunately, these blog attacks have been used against their respective bloggers resulting in defamation cases, being fired, and even being imprisoned for treason. As in all freedoms, blogging necessarily carries with it some degree of accountability. Many organizations go to the Internet to check just how much the people they interact with have been responsible to themselves and to the people or things that they write about. Take care of what you blog on, as you would not want it to whiplash against you later on when you are trying to close a deal or pursuing a job.


(This is the second part of a series. Part 3 of "Writer's Blog: A Newbie's Primer on Blogging" follows next.)

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Writers' Blog: A Newbie's Primer on Blogging (Part 1)


This post's title is obviously a word play on an all-common excuse for ditching a writing assignment, that is a "writers' block". However, this particular text is primarily about blogging and not about making excuses not to.

Perhaps in a future post we will directly tackle how to overcome writer's block. Heaven knows that the vast multitude of bloggers (or blogists) on the World Wide Web have a need for a tip or two on that subject every once so often.

For now, let us ponder on the pros and cons of blogging. To borrow from a certain English bard's famous quote - to blog or not to blog? That is the question of this Web 2.0 era.

Blog Defined

A blog is a personal story, report, essay, commentary, article, or similar content that is contained in a website usually made available to the general Internet audience. Early blogs were mostly text documents posted on personal homepages. Nowadays blogs can also feature scanned photographs, audio clips and even recorded or live video feeds.

The word "blog" refers to the content, the act of publishing online such content, and the type of website that holds the content. Blog sites, as per its common form, should post the blog in chronological order only (meaning you cannot insert a blog entry between the order of existing posts). At the same time, any entry must be readily accessible through a history or archive list.

The origin of the term blog stems from "weblog", which according to Wikipedia (see Wikipedia entry on "Blog") was coined by Jorn Barger circa 1997. Subsequently, the concatenation "blog" came from the paronomasia "We Blog" attributed to Peter Merholz as published at his own site Sadly, this bit of blogging history no longer exists at Mr. Merholz's current blog site.

To simplify, a blog is:
- a personal account, narrative or opinion;
- may be in the form of text, images, and/or audio-video materials;
- published chronologically on the Web usually via blog websites;

That said, should we exclude sites that do not follow the above description from the category of blogs? I would not be that strict. After all, the form and function of the blog have evolved as quickly as available web technology has developed in the past years.

Take for instance blogs that exists only on community or corporate Intranets. They serve the function of the modern blog within the limited scope of their domain however; these are not accessible to the rest of the World Wide Web. Another exception would be mobile blogs (also called "moblogs") which are published and accessible primarily through mobile devices.

Who knows in what form would the modern blog transform to in the future? Can you say holoblog?
(This is the first part of a series. Part 2 of "Writer's Blog: A Newbie's Primer on Blogging" follows next.)

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Plug yours! The Feedback and Guestbook Post

Got feedback? Any suggestions on how to improve this blog, want any topics to talk about, or do you simply want to say hello?

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Dotventures Begins

Dotventures may just as well be another blog among the millions of blogs that already exist on the World Wide Web. It does not pretend to be different from other blogs on the Net nor will it ever attempt to standout from the global collection of weblogs that cruise along the "Information Superhighway".

It is a simple online journal of things that catch the interests of its author/s - both online and offline, both the virtual and the real. The range of topics can include anything from the popular to the obscure, from the important to the mundane. If it is on the Internet, or it is worthy to be on the Web, Dotventures will document, report, journalize, chronicle, or make a commentary about it. Or at least try to do so.

Dotventures' own "EA" is a full-time Web Entrepreneur and Online Chronicler. He setup Dotventures purposefully to have a platform for more objective reporting of what he finds through the Web. A passionate web developer, EA runs several e-commerce sites and co-moderates 2 online forums. This is just one among the various blogs he currently maintains.

We welcome those who wish to contribute their posts and share their views or comments on this blog site.

Enjoy your daily Dotventures!

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