Friday, August 31, 2007

How To Disable Mail-To-Blogger

Thanks to Jaya for the question.

Bloggers' Mail-to-Blogger feature allows users to email a post to his/her blog without the need to login to your Blogger account. Its useful when you encounter an interesting or important email that you want to share on your blog. Just compose your post on your email client and it will show up on your blog.

As of late, this feature has become a backdoor for email trojans to post spam messages on hijacked Blogger accounts or blogs directly setup to ensnare tens of millions of bloggers and blog enthusiasts worldwide.

What happens for example - if you receive a virus-laden email, it would most likely access your email clients' address book and send itself to every email address that's there. So if you're Mail-To-Blogger address exists on your address book, its quite probable that it would send its spam email to your Blogger account and post itself as a blog post. It is thus advisable to turn off this feature or otherwise, secure the email address used to access the feature.

Steps to Disable Mail-To-Blogger
1. Login to your account and head over to Dashboard > Settings > Email.
2. At Mail-To-Blogger Address, uncheck Publish . This will hold the emailed post on cue. If it turns out to be a spam post you can easily delete it.
3. To disable the feature completely, remove any "secret word" you may have supplied on the text box for the address.

For more info check out:
Blogger Help: How Do I Post Via Email

(Note: I am actually writing this post using the Mail-To-Blogger feature. I am now on my Yahoo account and will be sending this via the MTB email address I've set with Publish enabled. Just to demonstrate how unsecure the feature is. So if you read this then for sure, any malware gaining access to the MTB email address can post on my blog. After this post, I am turning the feature off. As should you.)

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