Thursday, August 9, 2007

One World, One Dream - One Year to go for the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Next year's Olympic Games in Beijing should be quite a spectacle. It would only be the third time that the Summer Games will be held in an Asian country. The first was in Tokyo in 1964, then Seoul in 1988. What will the 29th Olympiad be like 365 days from now when it will be hosted by the country with the highest population in the world at 1.3 billion Chinese people? This promises to be the grandest Olympics yet!

There will be lots of firsts in Beijing come August 2008.

It will be the first time the Games will be held in China; in contrast London, Paris, Los Angeles and Athens have hosted it twice.

Nine new events will be contested including Men's and Women's BMX under cycling.

It would be the first time the Games will be streamed live for free on the Internet for an estimated 2,200 hours over Credit that to the growing adoption of broadband Internet worldwide.

The countries of Montenegro (formerly competed alongside Serbia), Tuvalu and Marshall Islands will compete for the first time.

Perhaps the most mind-boggling first for the 2008 Olympics is the inclusion of Mount Qomolangma as part of the Olympic Torch Relay route. Mount Qommolangwhat? That's Mount Everest for the Chinese. Imagine the Olympic Torch burning at 8,440 meters on top of the world!

Following Chinese tradition for good fortune, with 8 being a lucky number, the 29th Olympiad will commence on August 8, 2008 (08.08.08). I will definitely keep tab of the developments on the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I can't wait for the fireworks!

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