Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bloggers Unite! - Blog Against Abuse on 9-27

On September 27, 2007, the blogging community at BlogCatalog.com is spearheading an initiative as part of its ongoing blogging challenge. Its called "Blog Against Abuse".

For the entire 24 hours of that Thursday, 9-27-07, bloggers worldwide are encouraged to blog about an important cause relating to an abuse issue. Its up to the blog author to determine which issue he or she would like to write about.

The goal of the originator is to rally the largest number of bloggers who will post about important issues for one day. While the exercise is certainly not unique, it has already merited the commitment of a few hundred BlogCatalog members.

Organizing a blog-about-something day has been done perhaps since the early days of blogging. Doing a specific search for the term "Blog Day" will yield over a million webpages off Google. There's a "Blogosphere Day" on July 19, another "Blog Day" on August 31, and a "Blog Action Day" on October 15.

Whether or not "Blog Against Abuse" Day becomes a continuing tradition is yet to be seen. Some comments on the related thread at Blog Catalog already shows some sentiments of taking the initiative as a joke or otherwise something that is to be taken lightly. Others have questioned whether the exercise would actually yield any discernible change. Still a few are willing to participate with the simple thought "what's in it for me?"

For me personally, it would be interesting to know what would be the relevant issues common among bloggers come September 27. Would it be domestic violence, child trafficking, unfair labor practices, drugs, environment? Or do blogists even care about any cause at all?

Mark it on your calendars, September 27, Blog Against Abuse Day.
Read about abuse, Blog about abuse, Stop all the abuse.

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