Friday, August 31, 2007

Flag the Splogs! Flog the Sploggers!

I am referencing this blog post from "The Real Blogger Status" which is very timely especially for Blogger accounts and the emerging Storm Worm issue.

I've always advocated flagging of spam blogs. Not that its a sure way to push Google/Blogger to take down the offending blog. In fact, some Blogger users complain that Blogger seldom, if at all, act on flags and reports.

Still, I believe that with enough flags, Blogger would take notice and act accordingly. Otherwise, they may as well just run a splog farm themselves while real bloggers migrate to a better blogging platform that cares. So I say, when you encounter a spam blog go ahead and flag it!

How do you know its a spam blog?
Most spam blogs resemble spam email. The title and text body is just gibberish. Many times the text is empty or contains wide spaces that lead to, are sandwiched, or that trails from unintelligible text. These spaces actually contain scripts which can automatically trigger a popup, a redirect or a download. Worst, it can be a harvesting script that can recover sensitive data already on the browser and even your entire PC.

The FLAG BLOG button is on the Blogger Navbar (located on top of Blogger blog sites). When you find a splog, just click the button ONCE. Then alert your blogging circle to do the same. The more flags the better the chances Blogger would actually do something about it. When you can't find a Navbar follow the directions on the link of the Full Post below.

1. When blog surfing, use Firefox and enable the built-in popup blocker. Otherwise, install a reputable popup blocker.
2. Ensure your system has adequate security - anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and formidable firewall are essential.

As for flogging the sploggers, maybe that's a bit medieval. But with the way splogs are taking over the blogosphere it may not be long before we do get thrown back to the dark ages.

Read the Full Post:
The Real Blogger Status: Get To The Root Of The Problem - Blame The Spammers

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