Saturday, August 11, 2007

Julie Delpy Returns for "2 Days in Paris"

She's all the buzz again these days, this French-American film artiste.

Julie Delpy, the star of the critically acclaimed 1995 indie film "Before Sunrise" and its 2004 sequel "Before Sunset" re-appears to the delight of fans sans her pet co-star Ethan Hawke for her latest production "2 Days in Paris".

Julie Delpy pulls a one-woman auteurship for "2 Days in Paris" as writer / director / editor / co-producer, and co-star alongside Adam Goldberg (appeared in "Saving Private Ryan" and "A Beautiful Mind"). The culture-clash comedy already won a Coup de Coeur Award at the Mons International Festival of Love Films in Belgium.

Ms. Delpy was captivating in "Before Sunrise" and daring in "An American Werewolf in Paris". Unfortunate though that her memorable performances seems to be typecasted to her "Before Sunrise" character.

Her talent for filmmaking has grown through the years and this particular project is bound to move her career forward towards more notable movie projects both on-screen and behind-the-scenes.

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