Thursday, August 23, 2007

Naked Protesters Exposes Global Warming

Six hundred volunteers bared all last August 18 in a protest-slash-art-installation in the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland to raise the alarm on global warming. The controversial staging was a Greenpeace collaboration with American photographer Spencer Tunick who has a knack for drawing hundreds of volunteers to pose nude for his works.

According to the Greenpeace website, the shrinking of the Alpine glaciers is accelerating as a direct result of uncurbed global warming. They estimate that the icy land masses will completely dissapear by the year 2080. It furthermore states that the rate of global warming may become irreversible 8 years from now.

Greenpeace is actively advocating for alternative sources of energy in order to reverse the catastrophic effects of global warming. Visit for more details and how to participate in their "Seven Steps Campaign".

This link may contain sensitive content. DO NOT CLICK if you object to nudity.

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