Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gmail Releases Collaborative Video

Some time ago Google's Gmail service invited users to participate in a collaborative video project with the theme "how an email message travels around the world". The rule was to print out the Gmail M-velope and shoot a 10-second sketch with the Gmail-logo-bearing-prop entering the frame from the left and exiting to the right.

After 1,181 YouTube clips from 65 countries, the folks at Gmail finally released the "Gmail: A Behind The Scenes Video".

I so wanted to send a clip myself. My idea was to pay homage to Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather". After all, with all the spamming and phishing and whatnots going on in and about cyberspace, a mafioso figure checking out emails is not so far fetched.

Picture this (in a single tracking shot, no cuts):
Henchman in black suit enters screen left, opens a wooden door, approaches a balding figure behind a finely varnished desk with the back of his plush armchair toward the camera. Henchman moves closer to the "Don" and whispers into his ear, the Don still not visible to the camera. The henchman moves slightly off-cam as the armchair swings around revealing a Brando look-alike staring quizically at the standing henchman. Henchman presents M-velope. The Don smiles a be-moustached grin and nods approvingly as he passes on the M-velope to screen right onto another henchman. Don mouths off "bene, bene" as he waves a traditional goodbye (palm facing himself), as cam dolly's back out of the room, wooden door closes. Fade to black.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any convincing enough Marlon-Brando-wannabe in my cast. Besides, I doubt whether the Gmail fellas will risk copyright issues when using Nino Rota's "Speak Softly Love" soundtrack theme. Anyway, here is the final "Gmail: A Behind The Scenes Video". Enjoy!

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