Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steve Jobs Hands Apple To Tim Cook

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07 Image via Wikipedia
Apple co-founder and CEO of 14 years Steve Jobs resigned from the tech-giant's top post August 24 leaving Apple shareholders with a sense of ambivalence. However, as the Apple board's appointment of Jobs' second-in-command Tim Cook took effect there's a fair level of hope for the future of Apple Inc.

There's been some talk about Jobs' health status since his leave as of January of 2011. The 55 year young tech maverick has become an icon of innovation and leadership in the computing industry for the past decade and a half. Steve Jobs is known to be a pancreatic cancer survivor.

Steve Jobs has recommended long-time protegee and chief operating officer Tim Cook to takeover as the company's CEO. Jobs will remain as chairman of the board for Apple Inc.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Latest Crisis: Solar Storms Are Set to Hit the Earth - Yahoo! News

Its been a crazy 2011 thus far.

The Steelers lost to Green Bay in Superbowl XLV early February. Japan was rocked by an earthquake in March. Then more recently, Obama scrambles to get the votes for the debt ceiling deal, a massacre shocks Norway and the NFL finally ends the lockout. Crazy year indeed!

But before we can start relaxing thinking that the worst is over, here's a piece of gloom coming from an otherwise sunny source. Our sun is turning a shade of nasty as scientists expect moderate to strong solar storms to affect Earth in the coming days. Expect electrical disruptions to run up until 2013 the peak of the suns 11-year cycle also known as solar maximum.

For the ardent techies and gadget-mongers out there, can you survive the upcoming frying of your electric dreams? How will this affect the coverage of the NFL? How can you live without your daily dose of your favorite blogs if the World Wide Web goes toast?

Read more on the solar storms - Latest Crisis: Solar Storms Are Set to Hit the Earth - Yahoo! News.
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