Monday, August 6, 2007

Dotventures Begins

Dotventures may just as well be another blog among the millions of blogs that already exist on the World Wide Web. It does not pretend to be different from other blogs on the Net nor will it ever attempt to standout from the global collection of weblogs that cruise along the "Information Superhighway".

It is a simple online journal of things that catch the interests of its author/s - both online and offline, both the virtual and the real. The range of topics can include anything from the popular to the obscure, from the important to the mundane. If it is on the Internet, or it is worthy to be on the Web, Dotventures will document, report, journalize, chronicle, or make a commentary about it. Or at least try to do so.

Dotventures' own "EA" is a full-time Web Entrepreneur and Online Chronicler. He setup Dotventures purposefully to have a platform for more objective reporting of what he finds through the Web. A passionate web developer, EA runs several e-commerce sites and co-moderates 2 online forums. This is just one among the various blogs he currently maintains.

We welcome those who wish to contribute their posts and share their views or comments on this blog site.

Enjoy your daily Dotventures!

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