Thursday, August 30, 2007 Targeted by Trojan Spam

This report got my attention, being a user. Its such a pity since Blogger is quite an excellent blogging platform. Unfortunately the feature-filled and user-friendly facilities of Blogger has become the workshop, or perhaps even a playground, for malicious hackers out to leverage the rich information resources provided by the exponential growth of the global blogging community.

It is said that the main point of delivery for these trojan splogs exists with Bloggers' Mail-to-Blogger feature allowing users to e-mail their posts without having the need to log into the Blogger Dashboard.

Therefore, it would be advisable for users to disable this feature in their respective accounts. Otherwise remove the supplied email address from the address books of email clients (e.g. Outlook Express) so that trojan infected PCs will not inadvertently send a virus-laden spam message and post it onto your Blogger account.

As "webizens", it is our responsibilty to protect the integrity of our respective blogs and the blogosphere as a whole. Some measures we can take to safeguard the blogging experience include:

1. Reporting/Flagging errant blogs.
2. Ensure that links and scripts pasted on your blog come from reputable sites and organizations.
3. Regularly inform your audience to take security measures when going online.

Share your experience and tips on safe blogging. What other ways can we contribute to a safer cyberspace?


Jaya said...

HOW does one disable the
mail-to-blogger feature
on their blogger blog??

And, wouldn't a spammer
have to have both our
user name and password
in order to use that
feature to post nasty
spam to our blogs??

EA said...

Hey jaya, thanks for the comment. To be honest I didn't use the feature before but I tested it just to see if it works as I thought it would. And quite dangerously it did.

Thus I answered your question with a post.

Best regards to you and your cats.

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