Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gerry Peñalosa, Other Filipino Boxers win 5-1 vs. Mexicans in Boxing World Cup

Five of the six Filipino pugilists who entered the ring at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California won their respective fights to come out victorious in their campaign for the 2nd Boxing World Cup. The Philippine Boxing Team defeated their Mexican counterparts leading to the capture of two coveted world titles.

Z "The Dream" Gorres took the IBF Junior Bantamweight Intercontinental Title via an eighth round TKO over Mexico's Eric Ortiz. This is the 27th win (15th by knockout) by the 25 year old southpaw from Cebu, Philippines.

In another celebrated victory, former WBC Super Flyweight Champion Gerardo Penalosa (a.k.a. Gerry "Fearless" Peñalosa) stripped the WBO Bantamweight Title belt off defending champion Jhonny Gonzalez. Peñalosa, the 35 year old boxing veteran, let all hell break lose in the seventh round with a furious left-hand body blow that painfully drew the wind from Gonzalez who was unable to recover within the mandatory 10 counts. The jubilant Gerry Penalosa, said to be hinting at retirement, is sure to nix such options now that he is at top of his game in the bantamweight class.

Formerly undefeated 20 year old Filipino prodigy Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista fell to the hands of reigning WBO Super Bantamweight Champion Daniel Ponce De Leon during the main event of the 2007 Boxing World Cup. De Leon entered the boxing ring all fired up obviously eager to avenge his five fallen comrades. Boom Boom Bautista on the other hand seemed off being in the defensive. Minutes into the first round, a right to the face knocked down Bautista once, and then after barely overcoming the 10 counts, Bautista never again had breathing room from De Leon's follow up punches forcing the young boxer down a second time to the canvass. Referee Jon Schorle quickly intervened and called an end to the fight to the favor of the defending champion.

Despite Bautista's defeat, the Philippines still emerged triumphant over Mexico with additional wins from A.J. Banal's third round knock down off Jorge Cardenas, Michael Domingo's win over Miguel "Mickey Mouse" Roman, and Diosdado Gabi's unanimous decision victory against Jose Angel Beranza.

The August 11, 2007 Boxing World Cup was the second staging of this event by Oscar Dela Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions. The top-prize which includes a $500,000 pot is scheduled to be awarded by Dela Hoya himself in ceremonies in the Philippines.


merjoem32 said...

Our boxers worked hard so we won. Bautista lost but he did his best and we were still able to take home the trophy. This success will raise the recognition of Philippine boxing as one of the best in the world. I hope this success will continue and we will have more world champions.

EA said...

Philippine boxing is undoubtedly legendary with the likes of Gabriel Elorde and Manny Pacquiao among others. There's always a sense of pride, win or lose, to see these gutsy Pinoys battle it out in the square ring.

Thanks for stopping by and keep up the good work on your pinoy boxing blog.

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